Energy Savings for DK clients

Feb 15, 2024

Dixon Kestles engaged with Strata Energy Services (SES), who, acted as a broker, and worked with Australia’s leading retailers to provide a competitive pricing offer for the Dixon Kestles portfolio of over 180 owners corporations and almost 5000 lots.

Responses were received from several retailers however it was Origin Energy that provided the best overall energy offer, which has resulted in a discount of 28% on electricity charges and a 14% discount on gas charges.

Despite the adverse market events in May/June 2022, Origin Energy’s offer is projected to result in total savings of over $170,000 in the next calendar year for Dixon Kestles clients. This offer is expected to provide better pricing for over 90% of owners corporations managed by Dixon Kestles compared to current charges.

We’re pleased to advise that these discounts will be applied immediately to those owners corporation’s usage invoices and if you have any queries at all please don’t hesitate to call.

PS: The only benefit to Dixon Kestles with this arrangement is that we now have an account manager to contact at SES for all electricity and gas charge enquiries. Our team are thrilled as they’ll no longer have to waste hours of precious time waiting on hold to speak with electricity and gas suppliers about your accounts!

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